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Turbo Pascal Download

Turbo Pascal 5.5In addition to the Turbo Pascal compiler presented on this website you can dowload old versions of Borland Turbo Pascal and some manuals. In 2008 Borland sold the CodeGear division to Embarcadero Technologies which now contunues to develop Turbo Pascal’s successor Delphi.

Turbo Pascal 1.0

This is the first version of Turbo Pascal which was released in 1983. It was shipped on one floppy disk containing 10 files. The price of Turbo Pascal at the time of its release was only $49.95.

Turbo Pascal 3.02

Turbo Pascal 3 was advertised as “The fastest Pascal development environment on the planet. Period.” This version of Turbo Pascal released in 1986 supported overlays which allowed to build larger applications, Intel 8087 math co-processor and BCD mathematics. The PC version also included libraries for graphics, colors and sound.

A comment from one user: “Most Pascal compilers briefly fit on a disk, but Turbo Pascal packs an editor, linker and run-time library into just 39 Kbytes of random-access memory.”

Turbo Pascal 5.5

Turbo Pascal 5.5 introduced object-oriented programming. It was released as the base product Turbo Pascal and as Turbo Pascal Professional which included also Turbo Assembler and Turbo Debugger.

Unfortunately no other official Turbo Pascal versions are released for free download.

Turbo Pascal 7.0 Documentation

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