Object Files

This unit imports and processes object files and generates intermediate code for OMF records.

Turbo Pascal can import and link object files created with any other compiler that can create Relocatable Object Module Format file. OMF file is a collection of object records with the following format:

If local debug information is in enabled and comment class equals to ccSourceFile ($E8) this procedure processes object file COMENT record ($88). If source file number is 1, file name is copied to FileBuffer.

This procedure processes MODEND object file record ($8A) and updates statement code size symbol table.

This procedure processes EXTDEF object file record ($8C) and adds record to ExtrnDefinitions array for each EXTRN definition.

This procedure processes PUBDEF object file record ($90) and sets data in ProceduresRecord to the procedure defined in the object file.

This procedure processes LINNUM object file record ($94) and stores statement code sizes to the symbol table.

This procedure processes SEGDEF record ($98), finds appropriate Turbo Pascal segment and creates space in the symbol table for that segment.

This procedure processes FIXUPP record ($9C) and creates reference record in the symbol table.

This procedure processes LEDATA object file record ($A0) and copies data from object file to symbol table.