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Turbo Pascal 7This website is owned and operated by Igor Funa. It is dedicated to Pascal programming language and Turbo Pascal in particular. Here you can find the internals of the Turbo Pascal 7 command-line compiler. All functions that constitute this famous compiler are described together with source code.

I first met Turbo Pascal compiler on CP/M computers in high school in mid 1980s. At that time I already had plenty of experience with Basic and Z80 assembly language (Sinclair ZX Spectrum was my first computer), but before high school I knew Pascal only from books. Turbo Pascal compiler was really impressive: full-screen editor, great syntax, fast compiler and easy development. I liked it very much. Later I switched to PC and Turbo Pascal became my primary development tool. Today I use also other languages and tools but Pascal programming language is still used in the form of Delphi – the successor of Turbo Pascal.

Because of my interest in Pascal programming language and compilers I created a Turbo Pascal compiler written in Turbo Pascal – TPC16. This is a compiler compatible with the original Borland Turbo Pascal 7 command line compiler tpc.exe. Later I modified this compiler to compile under Delphi – TPC32. On the foundations of this compiler I later created Turbo51 – Pascal compiler for 8051 microcontrollers. Then I decided to publish the secrets of the first compiler I have created and this website was born. Here you can find the internals, algorithms and data structures of the Turbo Pascal 7 command-line compiler. 

I created the compiler from scratch, but credits for the beauty of the language and for the exceptional elegance of the compiler go to Niklaus Wirth, Anders Hejlsberg and Borland.