Expression in Turbo Pascal is everything from constant, variable, calculation or just identifier. This unit contains over 100 functions to process every possible Turbo Pascal expression.

Adjusting Expression To Specified Type

This procedure converts expression between compatible types.

Checking Type Compatibility

This procedure checks type compatibility between expression and specified type and sets expression to specified type if needed.

Extending Integers

This procedure extends integers to new integer type.

Processing and Converting Strings

Turbo Pascal uses few functions and procedures to process, check and convert strings - Char type and zero-based character arrays can also be considered as strings.

Converting Number Types

Turbo Pascal sometimes needs to convert number types.

Checking Ranges

Turbo Pascal checks if values are within limits.

Converting Boolean Expressions

Turbo Pascal uses a very interesting way of dealing with boolean expressions.

Loading Expression To Registers

Loading an expression into registers is a very common task in Turbo Pascal compiler.

Saving and Restoring Expressions

During expression calculation Turbo Pascal stores the value in registers. However, they are limited and some operations can be performed only with specific registers.

Creating Pointer to Variable Reference

This procedure creates a pointer to any variable reference including procedures and functions.
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